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District 3 - Tournament Brackets

Tournament of Champions District Tournament
9's @ Lake Norman 9's @ Lake Norman
10's @ Lake Norman 10's @ Dilworth
11's @ Mint Hill 11's @ Mint Hill
12's @ Myers Park Trinity 12's @ Myers Park Trinity

Click on the link below for the Sign-Up Genius for helping out at this Tournament. There are a number of games scheduled, including 4 games on Saturday and Sunday and games each weeknight (Monday through Thursday/Friday) so there will be lots of shifts in the concession stand and a lot of field prep. We know that parents of some of the players will be attending their own tournament games, but those who do not have a player in the post-season could help and we would encourage those who have a son playing in the tournament at Whittington to definitely help out. If they do not want to work during a Dilworth game, there are plenty of non-Dilworth games. Volunteers who work 3 shifts will get a free Dilworth tournament staff t-shirt.

To sign up, go to:

District 3 Tournament Sign Up Genius